Welcome to Leaky Capsule!

Leaky Capsule is THE companion app for EVE Online. It currently provides skill tracking for your characters and a news reader for EVE related news and blogs (CCP feeds and the EVE Blog Pack). This is just the start.

I plan to update Leaky Capsule with new features if there is demand for it and whenever spare time permits. Please don't hesitate to leave feedback, bug reports, questions, suggestions or ideas as comments to the relevant posts on this blog. With your input and help I can make Leaky Capsule better.

Also, feel free to contact me in-game in the chat channel "Leaky Capsule Pub" if you want to discuss things directly. I may not always be able to answer but I'll try.

Thanks for using Leaky Capsule!

Now, Leaky Capsule may appear a bit rusty. But it's rusty in a good way, like that battered ol' shuttle that will always get the job done. The name may make you think it's full of holes, but it's nothing that can't be patched up with a little duct tape and sheer good luck. Combining the best from the austere looks of the EVE Online GUI and Minmatar mechanical engineering, Leaky Capsule delivers where it counts.

If you ever used Capsuleer, you may have noticed Leaky Capsule is heavily inspired by it. I would like to thank PyjamaSam and Roc Wieler for Capsuleer, a superbly well designed app that I happily used for several years. I hope the very similar starting feature set of Leaky Capsule is received as the sincere flattery it is.