Ideas and Suggestions

Please leave general feedback, ideas for new features and suggestions for improvement in the comments here. With your input and help I can make Leaky Capsule better.

Thank you!


  1. I've never worked with the iPhone so I don't have any clue how hard this may be but I would love to see:

    -Ability to mail the API information to yourself in a link or some form that will auto add it to the app. Or even better some type of unique ID that lets you come here and enter your API to be uploaded to your iPhone (probably not feasible).

    -A list of the ships your character can fly (probably a pain also since you would have to load all the ship/skill rules to do it)

  2. Mail reader (leveraging from blog reader) would be a compelling feature (no other mobile Eve app has this, although eve-metrics had an rss feed of your mail, which I miss)

    Also, notifications too.

  3. Congrats and go on!

    Here're my suggestions:
    1. Fittings Archive (EFT plain format):
    I've been doing this with the iPhone Notes basic app: browse to a BC fitting, export to EFT, copy to Notes... maybe there could be a better way to organize them (more or less in the way the game fit browser do), and create/edit them.

    If you could do it, and people like it, then there could be another improvement: importing from BC's webpage as in the export tab.

    2. Skill planner:
    Sometimes I try to plan skills for some weeks, and then see if I could then achieve a goal or not. It's not possible with the game's training queue, but I think it could be interesting to make something like "Character's A Skill plan", and then add the skills and see how much time would it take...


  4. Thus far I really like the looks of the app, but a link to the page where I could get my API info would go rather nicely to speed up initial set up.

  5. Since this just came out I think a list of all the skills would be a good thing to put in next. Then corporation/alliance info? Or an item browser.

  6. Hi there,

    awesome app!

    My suggestion is, please think twice if and when to add new features.

    Your app is now lightweight and snappy, what I really like. And the heavy weight is why I dont like iClone.

    Skill list per char and all available skills would be nice though.

    Your ISK is inbound. :)

    Keep up the good work!

  7. Hey awesome app..good work.. A skills browser and item browser would be even's already better than iclone coz u have a blog reader!!!reminds me of the legendary capsuleer app!!and hey who knows if u work hard in this and add lots of features then people might even start paying..I know I would :)

  8. Elias Metastream22 August, 2011 22:51

    I think at the moment the thing i'd like to see introduced is notifications for skill low i.e. Less than 24hrs so it alerts when you need to log on and add another skill. In addition maybe something that autorefreshes skill times in the background so that if you change skills my proposed idea above isn't out of date ... If you know what i mean :). Otherwise I think this app has all that it needs as I agree that apps like iClone are sadly way to big.