Using Leaky Capsule

To add characters press the + button on the root screen, then copy and paste the api information into the relevant fields and press the load button. Copying directly from Safari works fine, although actually selecting the text can be a little tricky. An easier way is to copy the information from the API management page into an email, send it to your iPhone and then copy from there. Using a note as intermediary is another option.

The first time Leaky Capsule starts it will load the most recent skill tree information from CCP servers. It will also load a list of CCP news feeds and the list of feeds that comprise the EVE Blog Pack. When the skill tree or the blog pack is updated, Leaky Capsule will automatically update it's information: reloading the skill tree or adding and removing feeds. Please note that there may be a delay before this happens as I have to manually set update flags in Leaky Capsules backing servers.

To reload a character portrait, tap it in the character detail view. This will reload it for both the list and detail views.