If you have questions or need help using Leaky Capsule, please post a comment here.


  1. I've entered my user ID and API but when I click on Load Characters nothing happens. What am I missing?

  2. Hi,

    most likely you either

    1) misspelled user ID or API key
    2) tried to load characters during down time or got a random error retrieving the data.

    If you can't get it to work, try deleting the app and reinstalling. Let me know if that helps.

    I have realized my error checking when adding characters is non-optimal and may leave Leaky Capsule in a state where characters can't be loaded for the same user ID. This will be improved in the next release.


  3. Deleting and reinstalling worked. Thanks!

  4. I tried to download on my 3G running iOS 3.1.2 and it says version 4.2 is required, any chance it can be made to work on v3?