Monday, February 14, 2011

Welcome to Leaky Capsule!

Leaky Capsule is THE companion app for EVE Online. It currently provides skill tracking for your characters and a news reader for EVE related news and blogs (CCP feeds and the EVE Blog Pack). This is just the start.

I plan to update Leaky Capsule with new features if there is demand for it and whenever spare time permits. Please don't hesitate to leave feedback, bug reports, questions, suggestions or ideas as comments to the relevant posts on this blog. With your input and help I can make Leaky Capsule better.

Also, feel free to contact me in-game in the chat channel "Leaky Capsule Pub" if you want to discuss things directly. I may not always be able to answer but I'll try.

Thanks for using Leaky Capsule!



  1. I'm excited about this, downloading asap

  2. How cool, a replacement for capsuleer! Overall I really like it.

    A couple of suggestions though - could we see the isk balance on the characters page - I trade and it's nice to check all the balances at a glance.

    The other thing is reading the blogs in white on black without the facility to enlarge the text.

    A bit more eye candy around would be nice too but I'm guessing that you've been spending your time on the code and not the shiny bits.

    Thanks for doing this I'm sure you'll have a lot of downloads once word gets around. Minver Tr

    Thanks for putting the work in to make